At Ferndale Farm, we don’t just produce cheese. The farm specialises in growing a range of different potatoes throughout the year.

We sell to a variety of customers, ranging from large lorry loads to Birds Eye and processing factories, to van loads to small local wholesalers and shops, right down to single large potatoes to customers at farmers’ markets, or at the on-site farm stall. We grow five varieties of potatoes to suit every requirement. We also grow wheat, malting barley, maize, sugar beet and fava beans.
Look out for our distinctive owl-branded bags and 5kg bags of The Great Unwashedpotatoes in your local farm shop.

At present, we grow five different potatoes, though availability will change throughout the year depending on which potatoes are at their best at that time:

Maris Bard
Our first new-season potatoes, usually available from the start of June. Our new potatoes are the real thing, harvested before the potatoes have developed an outer skin. They have enough flavour to be the “main event” in any meal. We don’t believe the summer has ever really started until we have harvested our first new potato.

This cream-coloured earthy potato is a great all-rounder. We recommend trying Estima potatoes when making potato wedges.

We think this is the best spud for jacket potatoes, and is usually the potato we bake for our lunch at the farm.

This waxy red-skinned spud is possibly the best mashing potato, but is also excellent for cooking in any dish with sauces, cream or cheese.

Maris Piper
Best known as a chipping potato, the Maris Piper is actually much more versatile than that, making excellent mash and roasties. It is the most popular potato in the UK with good reason.

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